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Before replacing your windows | Multiwindows Algarve

If you want to replace your windows to the energy efficient ones, we have to actually understand the essence of the question. We collected in one article all the information that can help you in making right choice. So, how to calculate the heat amount your new window will save, what “energy efficient window” really means, and all the details on installation, maintenance, and safety – in this article from

“Heat window” – how much money it actually saves?

The concept of “heat window” has figurative meaning because it does not, in fact, provide heat. The principle of energy efficient window is that it let heat pass to the apartment 2,5 times less: in winter, from the inside to the street, and in summer – vice versa. This characteristic is one of the basic ones and is defined by R coefficient. The higher this coefficient gets, less heat will pass out of the windows in the winter and you will have to turn on the air conditioning less often.

Double-glazing is the boss

Before replacing your windows | Multiwindows AlgarveWindow – is a complex product, consisting of the frame, double pane, and window hardware.
Double pane or double-glazing is the most responsible for energy efficiency because it takes 75-85% of window space. Special energy efficient layer is sprayed precisely on the glass, which will keep the heat, and the panes between the glasses, filled with gas or air, will reduce heat transfer. There should be two such layers, on the external and internal glass, and, respectively two panes filled with argon.
Quick tip: always check if your double pane is the same in your contract that was in your estimate.
If your windows are highly exposed to the sun, and you suffer from extreme heat during summer, think about sun protection and multi-functional double glazing.

How to check windows characteristics?

To be sure that your windows are exactly what you need, go through these three stages of checking your windows according to declared characteristic.

Safety for adults and children

Before replacing your windows | Multiwindows AlgarveFrom the point of protecting your home from thieves, safety question is really important to houses owners and those who live on first 4 floors. You have to check are your windows have multi-point locking systems, key-locking handles, hook-bolts and window hinge-side security devices. 90% of break-in come from sash pressing and glass breaking.
Window installation: How to check your installation – 4 key moments.

Maintenance details and hardware myths

All hardware in quality windows installed already ensuring that your window works correctly in every temperature mode. You cannot “change” your windows from summer mode to winter mode – it is a myth.
And the last advice: cheap window – is most probably a bad window. Quality windows have their value. In spite of the similarity on the outside, windows can actually differ by 2,5 times in terms of heat transfer. Save money on your energy bills – it is a better long-term choice.

10 tips: how to save on energy bills

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