4 key check after windows installation

How to be sure your windows are installed properly – 4 key checks | Multiwindows Algarve

One third or even half of the quality and reliability of the window maintenance depends on the installation. You can control the maintenance if you know exactly what to pay attention to. It will help to avoid unwanted consequences and allow you to save on mistakes correction.


Windows are not installed according aperture, they are installed strictly vertically and horizontally. You can check the accuracy of installed window with the level, and at the same time you can check the precision of the level, by turning it 180 degrees from the top (for vertical axe) and from left to right (for the horizontal axe). The shutter in installed window should not open nor close on its own in the absence of draft – in any position of the opening hold.

How to be sure your windows are installed properly – 4 key checks | Multiwindows AlgarveImpermeability of the installation seam

Windows should be sealed with mounting foam. You can pass your hand near the installation seam, trying to catch a slight breeze. Window should be closed when you do it. You should check in particularly below the window. You should not have any presence of airflow.


There are two ways to check the fasteners installation – how many fasteners you have and the distance between them and the window.
For example, for white uPVC frame, one fastener should be installed not more than every 700mm.
For a double-winged window, 1,5m x 1,5m you should have three fasteners on the left, two on the right, two from above, two from below. Altogether – ten fasteners. This number gets bigger if your window is larger.

How to be sure your windows are installed properly – 4 key checks | Multiwindows AlgarveHardware adjustment

You can easily check the hardware adjustment. The sash should open smoothly – in every mode. The hold when you open/close should turn without excessive efforts. And the adherence of the frame you can check with A4 list. If you close your sash with the list stuck inside, it should keep and not go down; this check should be implemented along all the perimeter.

Use this 4 simple checks when you want to be sure that windows are installed properly.
If you have any questions whatsoever – call us anytime, will be happy to help.

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