5 most intricate questions about uPVC windows

Today we would like to talk about several features, most important for our Portuguese customers deploying the plastic windows and not yet highlighted in the previous articles.

uPVC Window styles and features:

Are your windows intruder-proof?
One of the features most important for those living in houses and lower floors: all our five-cameras uPVC window profiles are intruder-proof. When closed, the plastic plates are penetration-proof as the special compactor laid out in all the cavities of the window allowing it to be both hermetic for air and foreign object. For the case when the burglar wants to break the glass, the uPVC windows are completely safe – as proven in the video here: https://www.facebook.com/windowsalgarve/posts/1967554413460458
Can your windows protect from ultraviolet or infrared emitting?
Our uPVC windows have a special anti-infrared emitting, protecting you from both additional heat collecting in the living facilities and losing the inside humidity. This means you are free to fully control all the inside qualities of the rooms – temperature, lighting, and humidity. The feature will be the most useful for those with windows facing south and west as those are considered the driest and sunniest directions.
Along with the infrared, all our windows are ultraviolet emitting-proof, it’s even emphasized by “u” in the window type – uPVC. This basically means that we thought of the everyday problem of the Portuguese, and suggest to protect them from premature skin aging, wrinkles and pigmentation. Those of you who are always concerned about it – you can now relax and stop wearing sun-protection inside!
Do your windows have mosquito net?
Be sure to adapt to the constant open-window season when the only annoying factor is the insects coming in together with the cooling breeze. We sure do provide the detachable insect grid – insect-proof and easy-to-wash. Mention it in your request for our free quote, and we will include it.
Does your fitting last?
Another frequently asked questions are about the fittings that are known to be the least lasting part of the plastic window. That sure is true, because that is the most movable part of the window and is constantly tested by the wind pushing from outside. For those who want to take the most out of it – choose a fixed opening over a freely opening window. It has several other perks except for the durability: the loose end of the plate cannot hit a wall or furniture with the high wind, therefore doesn’t break anything or get marks. Also, that is an additional prevention for the intruders – the mechanism is unbreakable.
How many glass sheets and cameras should I pick?
The number of window cameras, chambers between glass sheets, you should pick is always confusing. The answer is easy – the colder or louder is the house, the more cameras you need. In Portugal, where it’s mostly sunny and warm all year round, there won’t be a need for maximum cameras – 8. Three or five will be suitable enough for megapolises, one will serve just fine in the suburb.

uPVC window frames and profile picking:

One of the frequent questions asked is how to pick among three profiles for the windows we sell at Windows. It’s a great question worth figuring. We have three profiles Cortizo, KBE, and Wintech. All these, in our explicit explanation, are hard to find the way through. Let us walk you through.

GLAZING and DOUBLE GLAZING – is a feature preventing heat-loss and noise the most. The glazing procedure is sealing the air gap between the two panes which acts as an added layer of insulation. The profile with the highest glazing factor, Cortizo, is the best for installing for directions facing north or a lively highway.

WINDOW SOUND INSULATION – index of noise prevention of the glass itself, without glazing or at least double glazing. The profile with the highest sound insulation index is Cortizo, its good for noisy neighborhoods. The lower index of both KBE and Wintech makes them perfect for quiet suburbs or high floors.

Uw – index of thermal transmission value. The highest index is the one of Cortizo, making it more suitable for colder winters or windows facing to the squares and wide streets. KBE and Wintech windows are better for more comfortable weather round the year or windows facing inner patio.

Uf – index of thermal transmission of the frame without glass. That is a feature demonstrating the tightness of the window-wall clutch and breeze block. The higher index of KBE profile makes it suitable for the more windy environment, higher floors, and metropolitan surrounding. The lower index of Wintech’s window profile suggests installment in suburban areas and lower floors.

Hope we were helpful and succeeded to answer most of the common inquiries. Will be waiting for the new questions to help you!

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