7 myths about PVC windows. What do you need to know?

Today, due to the lack of information, and sometimes, which is way worse, due to the mistaken and blurry information, people are often lost in their choice of windows.
There are teams “Aluminum”, teams “Wooden”, teams “PVC” and endless battles between them. We decided once and for all to stop all the confusion and explain the most common myths around PVC windows.

Myth 1. PVC profiles are too expensive.

PVC profiles cost depends on several factors: the number of chambers, the choice of the profiles, the choice of accessories.
The innovative technologies with every year allow the production to be more cost-effective. Moreover, polyvinyl chloride is used to derive the material for the doors and windows, and the manufacturing process is not as tedious or expensive like its competition. This is why the price is competitive and reasonable, making it an affordable option for you to install in your house, office or any other establishment.
Also, PVC windows are energy efficient and are keeping warm air inside. During cold months you will spend up to 50% less on the energy bills.

Myth 2. PVC windows have shorter life-expectancy.

PVC windows have been given a minimum reference service life (RSL) of 35 years by the BRE, with minimal maintenance during this period. First generation PVC windows – now 50 years old – are still performing strongly well beyond this period. 

Myth 3. Every PVC window has standard (white) color and standard rectangular forms.

While this is the most common form and color that we see, it is far from the whole range of the possibilities of modern PVC window.
Colors to match your new home design palette, any shade of woodgrain-effect imitation: thanks to modern technologies, you can have other than white PVC doors and windows. Both sides.

Sometimes adapting your window to fit in is the necessity. Sometimes it is your choice. You can experiment with the form you’d like – round, arch or other when you order PVC – due to their materials of high flexibility. Have a look at the arch door in one of our projects.

Myth 4. PVC windows are toxic and not ecological.

While the uPVC is a synthetic plastic polymer, it is still safer and more environment-friendly than other materials used to make doors and windows. During the manufacturing process, chemical compounds are added to prevent any toxic substances to be released. Along with its longevity, a lot of fire and safety tests have shown it releases lesser toxins than materials like wood when it is aflame.
Also, PVC windows can be recycled up to 100 times and make you consume less heat which makes it one of the most ecological choice to bring to your home.

Myth 5. PVC profiles turn yellow with the time.

PVC has a long history composed of several stages. For instance, the first profile has been created in the 1960s and the first stage of production had some flows, one of them was the appearance of yellow color on the profiles.
Luckily and, of course, thanks to the engineers and technicians, a special microelement is now being added to all the PVC profiles, keeping them intact during their lifetime.

Myth 6. Aluminum windows are better.

According to statistics, people around the world choose PVC windows (48%), 25% aluminum profiles and 27% – wooden profiles.
Production of uPVC implies a complete absence of any holes or air gaps between window and wall. Being a metal, aluminum is a good conductor of heat and thus provides poor thermal insulation and high thermal conductivity.
Aluminum profiles can rust easily and cause corrosion – white powdery coating over the metal.

These profiles get dented and break over time, and require frequent maintenance.
Let’s proceed to the next myth:


Myth 7. PVC windows need regular maintenance.

While PVC windows are not completely maintenance free – they still need to be cleaned, and accessories and hardware must be checked and looked after, they are still incredibly low maintenance, and the cost to replace or relook of PVC profiles is significantly less than other materials.
Tip: use simple soapy water to clean your PVC windows. Two times a month of sweeping dust and possible dirt, and they will be as good as new.

If you still have any questions left, please feel free to call us right away. We will happily talk through your project and different factors influencing your window choice.

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