I want to replace my windows. What do I do?

Step-by-step guide. 
For everyone who is already sure, that they need to replace their windows to uPVC windows, especially when warm days are coming, this article is for you.

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If you are completely and 100% sure that you need windows or doors replacement, please find a step-by-step guide: from the beginning to understand the characteristics to check the windows after installation.

How to check windows characteristics?

To be sure that your windows are exactly what you need, go through these stages of checking your windows according to declared characteristic.

Safety for adults and children

From the point of protecting your home from thieves, safety question is really important to houses owners and those who live on the first 4 floors. You have to check are your windows have multi-point locking systems, key-locking handles, hook-bolts and window hinge-side security devices. 90% of break-in comes from sash pressing and glass breaking.
Maintenance details and hardware myths

All hardware in quality windows installed already ensuring that your window works correctly in every temperature mode. You cannot “change” your windows from summer mode to winter mode – it is a myth.

And the last advice: cheap window – is most probably a bad window. Quality windows have their value. In spite of the similarity on the outside, windows can actually differ by 2,5 times in terms of heat transfer. Save money on your energy bills – it is a better long-term choice.


How to choose a window company

First step: create a clear technical brief to get a quote

Your tech brief should include the size you need, and other details: what PVC window accessories you want, what profiles, how many, and their energy efficiency.


Second step: sending the brief

When you have your tech brief you can start sending it to different companies. Before doing so — you have to perform a mini-check of the company’s website.

It should look professional, filled with content, and quality design solutions. It should have the clear contact information: telephone number, address, e-mail.

Every decent company should have a specific form helping you to send your brief. Choose as many companies as you want, minimum 3 or 4. By the way, don’t hesitate to call them and ask any questions you want. Notice how they will answer you — if the manager knows what to say and how to address your issue, or all you can hear is unclear and vague answers.


Third step: receiving quotes

When you start receiving answers from companies — pay attention to the form of the quote — the full cost should be detailed in several lines and each must be explained. If the cost is a lot lower than the average market price don’t take a rushed decision to choose this one. If it is more than 40% lower than the average market price — you can turn it down immediately. Often the low price can work as a lure, and in the process raise significantly. If you don’t see any explanation on how the price is formed — turn it down. Probably the company is not professional.

If they have all the explanation needed — check it thoroughly — were all your requirements met? Glazing, profiles, size, window accessories?

Sometimes they “forget” to add something you mentioned in the brief, and it can backfire in the process of installation. Or, one can put 2 chambers window where you need 5 chambers. Be very attentive.


Fourth step: checking credentials

Ask for the certificates of companies that passed previous steps. It is an absolutely normal request. They should send it right away.

Next: ask for the contract. Look through it closely. Are all the timings are in it, all the details according to the installation and PVC profile, what about guarantees and money transfers? Look for the reviews in social media.


Fifth step: personal contact

Each step should narrow your choice. If at the end of 10 companies you have only 3 — you’ve done everything right. Now you can ask the 3 finalists to take measurements themselves. Note everything: was the technical manager late, did he has a presentable look, did he had all of the necessary equipment.

After all of it — rate your general impression after the visite.

If the quote is professional and the price is in your budget, you have all the credentials and certificates, and the personal contact was enjoyable — you have the winner!




After your windows were installed, you want to make sure that everything is ok and will serve you for long years. Here is how to do it:

4 key checks after windows installation


Windows are not installed according to aperture, they are installed strictly vertically and horizontally. You can check the accuracy of the installed window with the level, and at the same time, you can check the precision of the level, by turning it 180 degrees from the top (for vertical ax) and from left to right (for the horizontal ax). The shutter in the installed window should not open nor close on its own in the absence of draft – in any position of the opening hold.

Impermeability of the installation seam

Windows should be sealed with mounting foam. You can pass your hand near the installation seam, trying to catch a slight breeze. The window should be closed when you do it. You should check in particularly below the window. You should not have any presence of airflow.


There are two ways to check the installation of the fasteners – how many fasteners you have and the distance between them and the window.

For example, for white uPVC frame, one fastener should be installed not more than every 700mm.

For a double-winged window, 1,5m x 1,5m you should have three fasteners on the left, two on the right, two from above, two from below. Altogether – ten fasteners. This number gets bigger if your window is larger.

Hardware adjustment

You can easily check the hardware adjustment. The sash should open smoothly – in every mode. The hold when you open/close should turn without excessive efforts. And the adherence of the frame you can check with A4 list. If you close your sash with the list stuck inside, it should keep and not go down; this check should be implemented along all the perimeter.

Use this 4 simple checks when you want to be sure that windows are installed properly.


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