Ideal for Portugal and Spain: uPVC profiles

When starting to search for new windows or doors, many ask themselves what should they choose: PVC windows or aluminium windows?

As they scroll hundreds and hundreds of pages giving completely different advice and information, we’ve decided once and for all, to share our knowledge with you.
What’s our point? When choosing, you need to think about context. Your immediate surroundings. Your personal space and needs.
We believe that individual approach is the key to a success.

Let’s look closely at several points.

Heat insulation

Heat insulation | Windows AlgarveuPVC windows are for sure better for heat insulation than aluminium ones.
They reflect sunlight and are great partners for air conditioning units. No danger of condensation if the climate is humid.
Production of uPVC implies a complete absence of any holes or air gaps between window and wall. Also, being a metal aluminium is a good conductor of heat and thus provides poor thermal insulation and high thermal conductivity.


U value

uPVC – 2.1 W/m2k (High thermal insulation)
Aluminium – 3.68 W/m2k (Low thermal insulation)
Look at the U value of our profiles:

Soundproof uPVC | Windows AlgarveSoundproof

uPVC windows and doors are also great at the insulating sound and allow you to have quieter rooms.
Because aluminium profiles leave air gaps, they protect less from any exterior sound.



Maintenance | Windows Algarve


uPVC profiles thanks to polymer and additive are impervious to corrosion. That means they will require no maintenance after installation. uPVC is free from rots, cavity, and oxidation.
Aluminium profiles can rust easily and cause corrosion – white powdery coating over the metal.
These profiles get dented and break over the time, and require frequent maintenance.

Stain resistance

uPVC profiles structural qualities make it waterproof and anti-stain. These features make it really easy to clean the uPVC profiles. Whilst aluminium is not stain resistant, dust and water splashes tend to easily stay on its surface as they are not easy to get rid of.

Customization uPVC | Windows AlgarveCustomization

If you want to turn your apartment in a visual treat, you get choice of great colour variants and superior finishing.

Due to high maintenance, aluminium profiles are duller in terms of visual aesthetics and their colour options are limited.

Also, you can order the uPVC windows and doors of literally any form, and it will cost you less than aluminium because the fabrication process can allow us to adapt the form to the needs of clients. On the other hand, shaping and welding of aluminium require special equipment and will increase the price significantly.

Power efficient and eco-friendly

In addition to being 100% recycled, uPVC profiles demand less power to manufacture it, thus harming the environment less.
Also, as uPVC profiles are better at fire resistance, as they have very good self-extinguishing property and aluminium profiles start to melt.

Being easy to customize at minimum pricing, stay in perfect shape for years, require no maintenance, protect from heat at summer and keep heat inside during winter and let no unwanted noise from the outside, uPVC profiles are the best choice for hot summer, apartments with air conditioning.

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