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If we had to analyze the demand on door market, we would say that sliding doors really start to become very popular choice among our clients. We decided to talk about different reasons to install sliding doors and also to show you some of the types.

Why would you need sliding doors?

1. When you have a huge aperture from your kitchen to your living room.

You want to emphasize this opening, and sliding interior doors will be perfect for this.
Can you imagine having the same wonderful space full of light and air with normal doors? Right.

Great idea for your terrace too. Installing sliding exterior doors – and your living room will always be bright, and you can easily open it to create a bigger space for you to wine and dine

2. When you simply lack space

Sliding doors are also perfect when you lack space. It could be a door to a bathroom, or when you just don’t have space to fly open the traditional doors.

3. When you have to zone space

For example, you have space where kitchen smoothly transitions into the living room, and when you use your stove, you need to divide those two spaces. Or when you want to carefully divide out your laundry space, or closet from your bedroom.
Sliding doors can work perfectly in these situations.

Laundry from bedroom

Kitchen from living room

4. You have furniture just in front of the door

Sliding doors will allow you to put your bed or couch where you want (and sometimes where you have to), and not to worry about the door.

Now, let’s look closely at different types of sliding doors.

Barn door

Extremely trendy and popular, barn door came from the United States and that’s its name, because the style is one of which very similar to actual barn doors. In some cases, people install actual real barn doors in their houses.
What do you have to know about barn doors:
Apart from obvious advantages of sliding doors, barn doors can also be a decorative element thanks to its unique furniture and country style. Also, barn doors can disguise your TV shelving.

Sliding glass door

If you are a fan of loft design, this is for you. Sliding glass doors will complement your design taste and will let light through it, which is a nice touch for apartments.

Multi-slide door

Doors that slide up to 10 panels. If you have a huge opening, but still want to define several rooms, multi-slide doors can be an elegant solution.

Pocket door

A type of door that disappears in the wall – convenient, looks tidy, and when open till the end creates an opening. You can either choose frosted glass for example, for romantic and soft light or even have a mirror all over the door, to create an illusion of larger space.

Check out our Pinterest board for more examples of sliding doors and please add your picks too!

Sliding doors have numerous advantages: they look trendy, save space, can fit into every interior design style: loft, country, minimalist, vintage, etc. We highly recommend trying it and bringing innovation to your home. In addition to this, uPVC doors are better in sound and heat protection, and you can have them in any colour you want.

If you interested in our free quote, just tell us the size and what door you have in mind here, and we will happily help you with your project.

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