Seven Reasons to Buy PVC Windows from Windows

With so many uPVC window installation companies and plenty of offers on the market, you may feel overwhelmed to make a choice. To cut the frustration of trying to figure out which company suits you better, we made this simple list of Windows’ advantages. Take a look at these plain facts to understand our work better and then decide.

1. Own production facilities

Windows is not just an installation contractor, we are a full-service company, a window manufacturer, with local production facilities in Sintra that we own. That gives us full control of the process and enables us to maintain the high quality of our uPVC windows and doors so that we can keep our promises and responsibly guarantee your own and your family’s comfort.


2. Five-Chamber Windows for Comfort All Year Round

A quality profile is a key to the windows’ and doors’ durability, thermal conductivity and ability to reduce noise and soundproof windows. We use the most efficient 5-chamber profiles in our windows and doors. It helps you keep comfortable temperatures in your home during both summer and winter by confining cooler or warmer air inside depending on the season while also keeping your home quiet.


3. Installation In Just 15 Days

What can be better than having something done quickly and efficiently and move on with your life and plans? We made it our task to not keep your waiting, and therefore we guarantee that you will have your new windows and/or doors installed in just 15 days after you place your order and the measurements are taken. In addition, we keep our obligations to provide high-quality products and services.


4. Discounts and Bonuses

We don’t want cost to be a problem for you, so we offer 15% discounts off our window prices for new customers and seasonal sales. In addition to that, we offer individual discounts if you order windows and/or doors for your whole house. Talk to us, and we will find a solution.


5. Largest Variety of Colors and Models

Your home style is your decision. Choose the classic white windows or unique ones with our collection of colors. You can select from up to 42 color variations, depending on which of the three uPVC window profiles you pick. All the colors are also available in our showroom for you to see and compare.


6. Highest Quality

We value your trust and make it our task to be a reliable partner and offer you peace of mind. All our uPVC doors and windows come with a 10-year guarantee and a thorough free check-up one month after installation. In addition, our quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and our products have iFt, AENOR and RAL certificates.


7. Individual approach

Homes, visions, and wishes of our clients vary, and we welcome their requests and aim for solutions that will satisfy their needs. Our production facilities allow us to make custom forms, sizes and other alterations in our windows and doors. Take a look at the rounded windows we installed at a villa in Albufeira, or how we lightened the appearance of a bay window in an apartment by altering the classic construction of uPVC bay windows.


At Windows, we strive for excellence in our work and for bringing happiness to our customers. We are here to be a solution for any door or windows problems you currently have, offering our expertise and skills to fulfill most complex projects, and we are just one phone call away.

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