Windows for XXI Century. Important Issue of Saving Resources.

Resource-saving becomes a more pressing and important issue nowadays. Growing global prices of energy resources cause the increase of tariffs for gas and electricity. While traditional windows may account for up to 40% of heat-loss, installing plastic windows allows one to save on utility bills.

In addition, utility companies plan to add new requirements for their customers and make resources saving measures obligatory for all of them.

Plastic Windows: Warmth in Every Home

Installing plastic windows is a great opportunity to make your home warmer and save on utility bills. Nowadays, many domestic companies have production capabilities which make windows more affordable. High competition forces producers to create interesting technical solutions to attract customers. This increases the functionality of plastic windows that save warmth, provide noise isolation and make homes more comfortable.

First plastic windows had two chambers with assembly width of 58-62 mm, 32 mm thick and have a heat transfer coefficient (UW) no higher than 0.5 w per sq.meter. These qualities were better than of the wooden windows and the new product instantly became popular. Later, three-chamber windows were introduced, and nowadays the number of chambers may be as high as 5 or 6. The width of the plastic windows also increased from 32mm to 36-44 mm. Specially designed low-emission glass panels and gas filling of spaces between them also contribute to increased heat preservation. These technical features, along with some others, help increase the UW coefficient to 0.9-1 W per sq.meter creating the efficient windows of the XXI century.

New Production Technologies

Energy efficiency is one of the key issues for all producers of PVC-windows and manifests in the creation of new variants of profiles and glass units. For example, our company created five-chamber windows. They can be installed in any climate zone since their high energy efficiency makes them suitable for cold climate. Cortizo profile system contributes to energy efficiency as well. This innovative product boasts such characteristics as:

Installing plastic windows in homes and apartments offers an opportunity to make them warmer and more comfortable, save resources and reduce utility bills.

10 tips: how to save on energy bills

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