Ana Sofia e Tiago Viegas

This company is really the best! I found them in search, I went to their website and saw the special offers they were running. I thought it would be difficult to get a quote because for me the evenings work better, but they are super flexible. The Windows assistant called me back to give the quote, and I thought their prices were just right. So they came to make the final measurements and the staff was very polite. When it was time to install my Windows, the whole team was respectful and accurate. They arrived at the right time and worked until the end and cleaned the spot. I am very happy with the work they have done. I suggest making a call.

Rosie Farmer

I chose Windows company out of two most popular on the market for few reasons. First, their professional attitude - they where only who were ethical and didn't do bad comments about other window companies as others did. Second, they offered me a good price without any time limitations, where other companies gave a decent price for two days to push me to make a decision faster. About windows and service. I'm very happy with a quality I have. Windows look great. Guys installed windows very quickly and they were very attentive doing their job. They cleaned my house after themselves.

Pedro Guimarães

My wife and I are new home owners. We love our new home and all was basically upgraded except for the Windows. We were struggling with single pane Windows not keeping the heat in during the winter and now not keeping the cool air in during these last few hot months. So when man from Windows came to our place, we knew right away we'd be going with them. Every other company that came out tried to over bid us because we were new home owners and thought we'd just believe what they said. Windows explained everything in great detail and on top of their great customer service, their price was the best price! I highly recommend calling to Windows! They truly made us customers for life.

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