How to choose window company?

Nowadays, there are a lot of qualified window companies, that produce good windows and doors. And even MORE dishonest companies, that only try to lure clients with the lowest price not caring at all about quality or client service. Choosing window company for your house is a process sometimes difficult hence very important. We will guide you through this process and recommend you some rules and pieces of advice on how to choose PVC window supplier. We do hope that they will be useful for you.

First step: create a clear technical brief to get a quote

It sounds complicated, but actually, it isn’t. Here — a short explanation on how to measure new PVC windows by yourself.
Your tech brief should include the size you need, and other details: what PVC window accessories you want, what profiles, how many, and their energy efficiency.

Second step: sending the brief

When you have your tech brief you can start sending it to different companies. Before doing so — you have to perform a mini-check of the company’s website.
It should look professional, filled with content, and quality design solutions. It should have clear contact information: telephone number, address, e-mail.
Every decent company should have a specific form helping you to send your brief. Choose as many companies as you want, minimum 3 or 4. By the way, don’t hesitate to call them and ask any questions you want. Notice how they will answer you — if the manager knows what to say and how to address your issue, or all you can hear is unclear and vague answers.

Third step: receiving quotes

Window costing | Windows Algarve When you start receiving answers from companies — pay attention to the form of the quote — the full cost should be detailed in several lines and each must be explained. If the cost is a lot lower than the average market price don’t take a rushed decision to choose this one. If it is more than 40% lower than average market price — you can turn it down immediately. Often the low price can work as a lure, and in the process raise significantly. If you don’t see any explanation on how the price is formed — turn it down. Probably the company is not professional.
If they have all the explanation needed — check it thoroughly — were all your requirements met? Glazing, profiles, size, window accessories?
Sometimes they “forget” to add something you mentioned in the brief, and it can backfire in the process of installation. Or, one can put 2 chambers window where you need 5 chambers. Be very attentive.

Fourth step: checking credentials

Contract | Windows AlgarveAsk for the certificates of companies that passed previous steps. It is an absolutely normal request. They should send it right away.
Next: ask for the contract. Look through it closely. Are all the timings are in it, all the details according to the installation and PVC profile, what about guarantees and money transfers? Look for the reviews in social media.

Fifth step: personal contact

Each step should narrow your choice. If at the end of 10 companies you have only 3 — you’ve done everything right. Now you can ask the 3 finalists to take measurements themselves. Note everything: was the technical manager late, did he has a presentable look, did he had all of the necessary equipment.
After all of it — rate your general impression after the visite.
If the quote is professional and the price is in your budget, you have all the credentials and certificates, and the personal contact was enjoyable — you have the winner!

How to be sure in your choice

How to protect yourself from the scam? | Windows AlgarveThere are scammers working in different areas and, unfortunately, window market is one of those areas too. Even though it is not a very frequent case, it is always better to double check your choice.
Here are three rules that can help you minimize the risks of being the victim of dishonest window companies.
Attention! One of the common scam schemes — to talk the client into prepayment. In this case, the client is asked to transfer money to a bank account, or even pay in cash. After the transaction went through, your contact person vanishes from the city probably leaving behind several tricked clients.

How to protect yourself from the scam?

And the last thing: even if the process is difficult and important – doesn’t mean that it can also be fun and enjoyable! Don’t forget that when you choose your window company – it’s almost as you’ve chosen your life partner. You must be sure in your life partner for 100%. Same as for window company.

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